Live a barefoot life with Gear, Dive Concierge and Dive Training

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About Travel Barefoot

Travel Barefoot is a way of life. It's the "how" of finding your zen, your inner solitude. Warm, wet, sandy, passionate locations & activities. Barefoot.

How to live the life

Get rid of the shoes! Unplug! Soak up the sun. Listen to the waves. Walk on the beach. Learn to wind surf.  Go scuba diving. Sample the local beverage. Eat that fresh, huge pineapple. Feel the culture. Be your passion.

Like to Dive?

We are PADI certified dive professionals. Interested in a private group or hosted trip? Looking for training at the advanced level? We are eager to provide our expertise and blow your WOW! factor out of the water!  No pun intended.

Shop with us

Want to be Travel Barefoot branded? Check out our store to help you keep your priorities in order.